About Us

Our Business' History Paul Douglas started this business in 1979 by working out of a small garage. His cousin, Eddie Cormier, came to work for him in 1984. In 1998 Paul and his brother Mark Douglas jointly purchased Formal Oil Co. from Russ Malone.


A few years following, "5 M Heating" was aquired as well. In 2007, Paul's son, Scott Douglas, joined the family business after graduating from New England Fuel Institute and recieving his license in oil burning equipment. Since 1979, P.R. Douglas Co. Inc. has transformed to include six service vans, an oil tank removal truck, two fuel oil delivery trucks, and a 6,500-square-foot shop.

Hi Paul-

  "We wanted to thank you for coming out to the house so quickly to replace the hot water heater.  We greatly appreciate it!"

Dear Paul

  "The furnace with it's new fuel(oil to gas conversion burner) is splended! I am really pleased and grateful that you were able to schedule the work this fall. Good wishes for this holiday season."

                                                 S. Brown

Mr. Douglas,

   "Thank you again for a great job.  Your son and crew are a credit to you and your family."


T. Emberley